PLANT PRODUCTS BARANKOVYH - a powerful and modern industrial complex, located in the center of Ukraine, in Vatutine Cherkasy region, 200 km from Kyiv.

Combine barankovyh products - a major domestic manufacturer of pastry products, with distribution of products in all channels prodazhu.Produktsiya goods under its own brand Sorceress and CCB. The products are sold in all regions of Ukraine through a network of authorized distributors and retailers and also exported to the United States, Canada, Australia, the Baltic States, Poland, Romania, Moldova, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

The production workshops are equipped with modern equipment of leading brands, mixers Spar SP-601E, TENKO, STARmix (Italy), the line for the production of cakes Unifiller (Canada) Machine for cutting cakes TKSMR L620KRS KRUMBEIN (Italy), machine obanderolyuvannya US in 2000 AD Arch ATS GROUP (Italy), a line for the production of friezes "Fric" (Nemetchina), a roller-coaster machine Smart (Italy).

The technology of the company is constantly working on the creation of original rite paths. Thanks to the continuous search for new effective technological solutions and their implementation into production sohodni Products Ltd. "BARANKOVYH PLANT PRODUCTS" enjoys extraordinary popularity among consumers.

The "Baranovyh Kombinat" Complex LLC introduces modern technologies for the production, processing and packaging of products. Quality Management System and Food Safety developed and implemented based on the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) syrtyfikovano for compliance with international quality standards ISO9001 and ISO22000 food safety. The efficiency of the implemented management systems is annually subjected to certification by the certification body.