KBV is a powerful and modern manufacturing facility located in the center of Ukraine, in Vatutino, Cherkasy region, 200 km from Kiev. Combine Barankovyh Products - a large domestic manufacturer of flour confectionery products, with the distribution of products in all sales channels. The products are produced under own trademarks "Charivnitsa" and BKK. The products are sold in all regions of Ukraine through authorized distributors and network retailers, and also exported to the USA, Canada, Australia, the Baltic States, Poland, Romania, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan. The technology of fast freezing (shock freeze) is used.
The shelf life of frozen food is higher than that of products frozen in conventional cells. Frozen foods keep their qualities longer when stored longer than fresh. Thus, the shock freeze ensures the preservation of the qualities of the fresh product and does it better than other methods of harvesting and storage.
At OOO "Combine Barankovy products" modern technologies of production, processing and packing of products are introduced. Quality management and food safety systems are developed and implemented on the basis of risk analysis and critical control points (HACCP system), certified for compliance with the requirements of ISO9001 international quality standards and food safety ISO22000. The competence of the implemented management systems is approved annually by the certification body. Technologists of the enterprise constantly work on the creation of original recipes. Due to the continuous search for new efficient technological solutions and their introduction into production, today the products of LLC "COMBINE OF BARIANOUS PRODUCTS" enjoy great popularity among consumers.